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Changes in the Swedish Trade Council Athens office takes responsibility for SEE

Regional info/economyPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Mon, November 16, 2009 23:37:56

Not long ago we could inform our members about changes within Swedish Trade Council (Exportrådet) regarding the responsibility for the Balkan countries.

This was obviously a temporary solution following Jan Kettnaker´s move from Romania to South Africa, as we now learn that most of these countries will be managed from the Athens´ office under Elza Kazemi from January 1st.

Apart from obvious Greece and Cyprus, the countries within Elza´s responsibility will be the following:

Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Romania and Moldova will remain with Helen Gusafsson in Kiev, Slovenia and Croatia with Carsten Grönblad in Vienna and Hungary with Peter Svensson in Budapest.

Elza Kazemi and her Athens team will kickstart their new task with a breakfast seminar in Stockholm on November 25. More about that event in another entry on this page.

The Chambers of Commerce for Sweden - Southeast Europe are wishing Elza and her staff lots of success on their new markets.

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