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EBRD calls for more Swedish participation in their projects

Regional info/economyPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Mon, January 04, 2010 23:59:36

Sweden is one of the most progressive donors to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with several hundred million sek, visitors were told at a joint presentation of the two financial authorities in Stockholm end of last year. At the venue, the already comprehensive programme was extended with a new Environment and Climate Programme focused on Swedish priority countries in Eastern Europe.
In spite of this large Swedish contribution, EBRD representatives could show that the participation of Swedish companies and consultants in the financed projects are very meagre compared to those from other countries. And consequently so are the number of won contracts.
Statistics of Swedish participation as well as the Bank´s advise to companies and consultants in order to become more successful were given in a number of presentations, which all can be downloaded by clicking on a title below (only for our members).

1. Swedish Reform Cooperation in Europe
- Country programmes
- 2010 allocations/country

2. EBRD – Sida Co-operation in Transition Economies
- Recent sida activities in ebrd and outlook

3. EBRD and SIDA joint operations in municipal environment investment projects and the new environment and climate programme 2009-2011.

4. EBRD and SIDA joint operations
- Key sectors covered
- case studies

5. Sweden and EBRD in partnership in Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP)
- What is NDEP?
- Future activities.

6. Procurement in EBRD financed projects
- Business opportunities for Swedish companies
- Statistic over won Swedish contracts
- no contracts awarded to Swedish companies since 2005
- only five tenders submitted since the start of 2006
- Who are the most successful countries?
- Russia and Romania among the most successful countries in terms of won contracts!
- EBRDs procurement policies and rules
- Where to find opportunities
- Strategy for winning contracts

7. Opportunities for Consultants at EBRD
- How EBRD Selects Consultants
- Strategy for Winning Contracts
- Value and Number of Contracts Awarded by EBRD and its Clients to Swedish Consultants
- eSelections for Consultants

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