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Romania finance ministry rocks

RomaniaPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Tue, January 19, 2010 23:08:43

Romania’s finance minister has appointed a rock star to help improve the ministry’s image as parliament prepares to pass an austerity budget that would freeze public sector wages and trigger job cuts.
Dan Bittman, lead singer of Romanian group Holograf, will work with Andrei Gheorghe, a radio presenter and host of the Romanian version of television show The Weakest Link, to “translate technical language for the people”.
Sebastic Vladescu, finance minister, said Mr Bittman, 47, would deliver feedback from the public and offer “an objective opinion on the image of the institution”. Mr Gheorghe was appointed two weeks ago as Mr Vladescu’s communications adviser.
Efforts to soften the finance ministry’s image come as Romania’s parliament debates a budget that would narrow the fiscal deficit and help unlock assistance from the International Monetary Fund. Read more in the FT article here.

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