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Sweden to close the embassies in Sofia and Ljubljana and open new in Tirana, Chisinau and Pristina

Regional info/economyPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Thu, January 21, 2010 22:17:43

Today the Swedish government announced big changes in their diplomatic representations. Six embassies will be closed this year while 10 new are going to be opened. The embassies that will be closed are in Bratislava, Dakar, Dublin, Ljubljana, Luxembourg and Sofia and those that are going to be upgraded to embassies from section offices are located in Pristina (Kosovo), Tbilisi (Georgia), Chisinau (Moldova) and Tirana (Albania) plus a number of other countries most of them in Africa.

From our Chambers of Commerce´ point of view it is of course interesting and positive that Embassies finally are opened in countries like Moldova, Kosovo and Albania. But how the Foreign office can talk about "strengthening the presence in the Balkans" when closing embassies in places like Sofia and Ljubljana is a bit difficult to understand. No information has been given yet as which Embassies will be responsible for the Swedish representation in those countries.
All comments that have been given so far by the Foreign office can be found here in Swedish and English.
Surely we will be back with more information and comments regarding these major changes.

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