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Mobile war breaks out in Kosovo

KosovoPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Wed, April 28, 2010 21:29:49

Thousands of Serbs in Kosovo have protested after the Kosovan authorities dismantled two Serbian mobile phone networks operating in the territory. The move comes as Pristina attempts to assert control over all Kosovo, including enclaves where the Serbian minority remains loyal to Belgrade.
Kosovo's telephone network mirrors the political row over its status.
The latest development has led to protests by thousands of people in Serb enclaves across Kosovo.

Kosovo has had its own mobile phone providers for several years. Since 2008, when it unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, management of the networks has passed from the UN to Kosovan authorities. But the minority Serb population there still uses mobiles provided by Serbian companies, using a different prefix. Many still refuse to accept what they see as Kosovo's illegal secession. Now the Kosovan government has dismantled two Serbian networks - state-run Telekom Srbija and the Serbian branch of the Norwegian firm Telenor, leading to protests in Kosovo's Serb enclaves.
Authorities in Belgrade say the move is deliberately creating tensions, calling it a form of ethnic cleansing.
Read the full BBC story here.

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