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Another kind of revolution...

Regional info/economyPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Fri, May 20, 2011 11:11:54

Just learned that sometimes during this spring the mobile telephony has passed the fixed line network both in number of minutes and in revenue. It is only 30 years ago, 1981, the first analogue mobile nework (NMT called) was opened in Sweden. And not long before that there were serious estimations made in the Swedish PTT about how many people really would need a mobile phone. 75 persons I think the estimations was. “Who would like to carry a big box around” as one director said.
Ericsson, now the biggest company in mobile phone networks in the world, can thank a few “stubborn” guys that they managed to convince the management to spend a few bucks on cellular development. And it took some time before the switching department in Ericsson had been convinced that there was any business in adapting the AXE switches for the mobile systems.
Going back to my favorite region, Southeast Europe, I remember vividly how I was trying to get through to Ericsson HQ in Stockholm from hotel Kempinski in Sofia when I was selling the first Bulgarian NMT system to Mobitel. It could take half a day of dialing before I got through. And this was as late as 1993. Not even 20 years ago.
A big thanks to the visionaries in Ericsson and Televerket.

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