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Will Croatia win the wine war with EU?

CroatiaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Wed, June 05, 2013 16:44:00
In Sweden we had our fight with EU about our snus (snuff). And won. Now a wine war with EU awaits Croatia. Well, it´s not exactly the same as the Swedish though. In Sweden we faught EU about whether we would be allowed to “snusa” (use the snuff) or not. It was a national issue going over all political blocks and it could have kept us out of EU if we lost. And the Union knew that....
The Croatian wine war is more a fight about using a brand, the name Prosek on their excellent sweet desert wine. It´s too close for comfort for the Italian producer of the sparkling wine Prosecco.
And, it's not just Prosek that's in trouble of disappearing. EU member Slovenia claims Croatia has no right to market Teran, a red wine made in the northern tip of the Adriatic, shared by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Croatia should have done like Sweden. Put it on the negotiation table during the very first meetings. I would like to see an EU negotiation team that would have dared to lose out another EU member for a bottle of wine. But maybe it´s not just too late. Come on guys – give the Slovenians and Italians a fight. And the Union. We´re right behind you. We love your Prosek. On the first of July we´ll salute you with a glass.
Read more about the Croatian wine war here.

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