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How to increase business cooperation between Sweden and Herzegovina discussed in Mostar

Bosnia and HerzegovinaPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Sun, July 28, 2013 16:51:58

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe, Mr Martin Ancons, was recently invited as guest at a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Mostar. The meeting was held in the INTERA Technology Park and was a continuation of the close cooperation that the two Chambers of Commerce started earlier this year. At the meeting Mr Ancons discussed with local Mostar businessmen how to increase the cooperation between Sweden and the Mostar and Herzegovina region. Mr Ancons informed the members of the Mostar Chamber of Commerce on how to be successful in business relations with Swedish companies. He also touched upon the fact that there are a high number of successful businessmen from former Yugoslavia now living and working in Sweden, a fact that opens up opportunities for companies from this region. Mr Ancons also mentioned that there presently seems to be a tendency for Swedish companies to move projects and manufacturing from Asia to Europe and herein lies a great opportunity for companies in Southeast Europe. A full report from the meeting can be found in the website of the Mostar Chamber of Commerce (in Bosnian language).
Mr Ancons second from left in the picture.

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