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Have a glass of "Royal Romania"

RomaniaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Sun, March 23, 2014 21:08:16

They say an excellent product sells itself and probably that is particularly true when it comes to wine. The words about the product go from mouth to mouth so to speak.

But the Romanian wine producers didn´t take a chance when they introduced their best wines to Sweden some days ago. They brought not only one but two royal celebreties with them to lighten up their event at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. And maybe that was not a bad idea after all. Allthough Romania is one of the oldest wine producing areas in the world and the biggest in Southeast Europe, the bottles that are sold in the Swedish state´s wine monopoly, Systembolaget (to keep that monopoly was one of the requirements Sweden put on the EU to accept membership), may not be the first pick by a thirsty Swede for his party. So Sweden obviously called for a special treat.

The celebreties, who came to introduce the best of the Romanian wines to Sweden, were H.R.H Prince Radu and H.R.H. Prince Nicholas of Romania, and the whole event was hosted by the charming Romanian ambassador H.E. Răduţa Matache. The large room in Grand Hotel was crowded with people who were eager to know more about Romanian wine – and perhaps have a glass or two at the end of a busy day.

In order to be able to try out most of the Romanian wine, the Chamber of Commerce for Sweden – Southeast Europe sent two of their top experts to the event.
And the verdict? ”Impressive, excellent, lovely spicy finish, round and harminous” and similar comments were words we shared with many others.

Let´s hope that the Swedish state monopoly´s purchasers who were seen carefully hiding in the crowd also shared our views, so all Swedes can enjoy an excellent drop of Romanian wine now and again without having to travel to Romania each time.

And by the way, you don´t need to bring your royals next time. We´ll be there anyway.

In the picture our Chairman Martin Ancons is seen between the Romanian Ambassador Ms Matache and H.R.H Prince Nicholas. Click on the picture for more photos (© Göran Uvner) from the venue here.

And OK, if you absolutely want me to mention which of all the fine wines I preferred, it was a red one from Halewood Wines, a producer who got its name after the Englishman John Halewood who began to acquire vineyards after the fall of communism and set up his own Romanian production business.

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