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The Chamber of Commerce chooses bne IntelliNews for business intelligence

Regional info/economyPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Tue, June 30, 2015 10:39:51

One of the main services of the Chamber of Commerce is to provide its members with fast and updated news of what´s happening in Southeast Europe in general and particularly such information that is important for companies and organisations with business relations between Sweden and the SEE region.

Over the years we have used several news channels for these purposes, ie google, local media, global news agencies and others, some free and some coming at a price. After careful evaluation of the services available, we have come to the conclusion that the service best meeting our needs at a competitive price is the one that bne IntelliNews is providing.

bne IntelliNews publishes actionable emerging markets business intelligence and economic analysis for companies and investors based on a network of over 60 analysts and journalists who are experts on the regions they cover, including Central, Eastern, and Southeast Europe, plus Russia and the CIS, in addition to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

bne IntelliNews publishes:

bne — the only English language publication covering more than 30 countries of CEE/CIS, focusing on business, economics, finance and politics with monthly magazine bne, weekly digital newspaper and daily news website www.bne.eu, which includes news and analysis on Southeast Europe.

IntelliNews — premium service aimed at professional investors, publishing daily emails carrying news, commentary and analysis on business, finance and economics covering CEE/CIS/MEA and South Asia on intellinews.com. Includes timely updates and in-depth coverage of all Southeast European countries.

QuERI — trade, production and market demand time-series database covering over 400 commodities and products in over 70 countries and regions at www.queridata.com. Includes data on all Southeast European countries.

Emerging Markets Direct — industry reports and analyses published annually/semi-annually on over 90 topical emerging market industry segments on store.emergingmarketsdirect.com. Includes reports from all Southeast European countries.

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