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Another kind of revolution...

Regional info/economyPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Fri, May 20, 2011 11:11:54

Just learned that sometimes during this spring the mobile telephony has passed the fixed line network both in number of minutes and in revenue. It is only 30 years ago, 1981, the first analogue mobile nework (NMT called) was opened in Sweden. And not long before that there were serious estimations made in the Swedish PTT about how many people really would need a mobile phone. 75 persons I think the estimations was. “Who would like to carry a big box around” as one director said.
Ericsson, now the biggest company in mobile phone networks in the world, can thank a few “stubborn” guys that they managed to convince the management to spend a few bucks on cellular development. And it took some time before the switching department in Ericsson had been convinced that there was any business in adapting the AXE switches for the mobile systems.
Going back to my favorite region, Southeast Europe, I remember vividly how I was trying to get through to Ericsson HQ in Stockholm from hotel Kempinski in Sofia when I was selling the first Bulgarian NMT system to Mobitel. It could take half a day of dialing before I got through. And this was as late as 1993. Not even 20 years ago.
A big thanks to the visionaries in Ericsson and Televerket.

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Come to CONNECT - IT Partnership Forum in Bucharest on June 9-10

EventsPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Mon, May 09, 2011 08:52:50
CONNECT - The first Black Sea Partnership Forum on Information Technology and Communication Systems, takes place on 9-10 June 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. The forum will be focused on the countries of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. The event is sponsored by UNDP and ATIC. For more information click here.

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Upplev historiens vingslag över Balkan

EventsPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Sun, May 08, 2011 21:34:55

Följ med på en unik resa genom Serbien, Kroatien och Bosnien-Hercegovina och upplev det Balkan som under långa tider symboliserat gränsen mellan västvärlden och det osmanska riket.
Resan börjar där floderna Sava och Donau flyter samman, i Serbiens huvudstad Belgrad och avslutas i den underbara kroatiska pärlan Dubrovnik vid Adriatiska havet.
Balkans historia är resans genomgående tema. Resan går via Novi Sad i Serbien, Brcko, Tuzla, Sarajevo och Mostar i Bosnien-Hercegovina samt Vukovar och Osijek i Kroatien.
Ciceron är radioprofilen Kjell Albin Abrahamson som delar med sig av sin kundskap om Balkans historia. Kjell Albin har i hela sitt yrkesliv intresserat sig för Central- och Östeuropa som han också skrivit flera böcker om.
Resan äger rum den 6-16 oktober 2011. Klicka här för mer information och utförligt program.

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Join a Swedish Business Delegation to Moldova

MoldovaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Mon, May 02, 2011 00:14:41

The Swedish Trade Council, in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau, invites you to participate in a delegation trip to Moldova on 29-31 May in conjunction with an official visit by Mr. Frank Belfrage, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs. During this "Fact Finding Mission" Swedish companies will learn more about the business climate and investment opportunities in Moldova. You will also establish valuable contacts with official representatives, ministries and future partners from Moldovan companies. The preliminary programme can be downloaded here and in this link there is a short update of Moldova. For more information regarding the business trip please contact Country manager Peter Svensson, ph: +36 1 666 35 80, peter.svensson@swedishtrade.se.

PS. If you happen to like wine there are plenty to experience in Moldova. What not so many people know about Moldova is that wine represents the major product of Moldova's economy, with exports in a good year accounting for up to half of the country's total export earnings. The wine's share in Moldova's GDP is some 25 per cent. But one of the most mysterious treasures a wine lover could dream of is also in Moldova. The largest underground wine cellar in the world is “hidden” in this country. Certainly worth a visit by it´s own right. Read more about this exciting place here.

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Musical Cruise from Belgrade to Wienna

EventsPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Sun, April 24, 2011 14:42:29

"An Der Schönen Blauen Donau" kan du möta våren med Grand tours och kapellmästare Rimma Gotskosik, älskad virtuos på violin, från Stockholms Nya Operettensemble på Hallwylska palatset. Flera kvällar bjuder Rimma med artistvänner på ett spännande program av operett, musikal och klassiska stycken. Resan inleds i Belgrad och följs av historiska och kulturella strandhugg i bland annat Budapest, Bratislava och Wien.
Läs mer och boka resa här.

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The first Constitution to be written on Ipad

HungaryPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Wed, April 06, 2011 13:13:23

We hear about a new way of using the Ipad and other pads every day. But this is a first. Hungary´s Jozef Szajer (in the picture) leading party´s lawmaker in the European parliament, is now using the device to draft Hungary´s new constitution. “The best is I don’t have to wait for minutes to turn it on, like with a normal laptop. I can open it anywhere and can take advantage of every minute", says Szajer to Bloomberg news agency.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban set an April deadline to approve the constitution, so Mr Szajer sure need the speed of the Ipad.
The question is whether the opposition and other critics about the government´s nationalistic approach will be impressed of what´s coming out of the Ipad when Mr Szajer is ready with his work. In any case this will surely not be the last "Magna Charta" to be written on the new smart devices. "Constitution Assist Pro" - an app soon to come in a mobile near you.

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Get a Serbia App in your Android

SerbiaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Wed, March 23, 2011 12:15:15

For some of you this might sound as "greek", unless you are Greek of course.
However, with the new smartphones Iphone and those running on Google´s Android, the latest news are just a click away from your mobile phone. One of those news sites who are distributing their news in this way is Serbian B92. B92 was founded in 1989 as a youth radio broadcasting to Belgrade audiences and has since grown into a company which includes a regional radio and a national television network, a website and an internet providing service, a book publishing department, a CD label and Rex Cultural Center.
So if you are interested in the latest Serbian news, download "B92 English" from Android Market or click here for more information.

Another way to get the latest news from all the region directly in your mobile is of course to subscribe to our own tweets "southeasteurope" on Twitter.

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Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia sign an agreement to limit the grey economy

Regional info/economyPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Mon, March 21, 2011 18:57:57

Serbian, Montenegrin, Slovenian and Bosnian tax authorities have signed a regional cooperation deal to clamp down on the grey economy, reports Bloomberg. During the 1990s the grey economy flourished in the Balkan countries amid wars. Slovenia is the only country from the former Yugoslavian federation to join the European Union. Serbia and Montenegro are aiming to join the EU. In Serbia alone the government lost at least $217.42 million in 2010 because of tax-evasion, Serbian Tax Administration spokesman Zoran Jovanovic to Bloomberg. (BNE 21 March)

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Bosnia´s economy grew more than expected

Bosnia and HerzegovinaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Mon, March 14, 2011 13:30:01
According to Reuter´s Bosnia's GDP grew 0.9% in 2010, which is more than the earlier estimate of 0.5%. "This growth clearly shows the country is back in a positive zone," central bank governor Kemal Kozaric told reporters in Sarajevo. Kozaric added that he still expects the economy to grow 3% in 2011.

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South-East European Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources in Sofia

BulgariaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Sun, March 13, 2011 19:12:36

Innovative technologies and practices, strong international participation, a lot of new business contacts, many parallel initiatives and discussions – this is what the 7th edition of the South-East European EE & RES Congress and Exhibition will offer. The event is a great opportunity for the leading companies in the sectors to bring modern technologies to the Region and find new partners.
In the Congress 40 speakers from 20 countries will participate. The main topics include: EE & Renewable Financing - International & Local Incentive Programs, Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Energy, RES Electricity & Smart Grid Platform. Special accent will be put on the Waste-to-Energy session with 15 speakers from Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Switzerlandр UK and USA.
In the Exhibition there will be group participations from Austria, China, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the USA
More about this green event can be found here.

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EBRD commit to increase Bulgarian SME´s competitiveness through investments in green energy

BulgariaPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Fri, March 04, 2011 23:14:46

EBRD this week agreed with Bulgaria to increase competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises through investments in energy efficiency in order to strengthen the transition of the country towards a green economy.
Building on EBRD’s successful track record with implementation of sustainable energy credit lines in Bulgaria and the region, the Bank will support the design, launch and monitoring of the new Government’s programme to increase efficiency productivity of SMEs through the promotion of energy efficiency investments. To support this new programme, the Bank plans to establish the “Energy Efficiency for Competitive Industry Financing Facility” under which the Bank will extend credit lines to commercial banks in Bulgaria.
Under its new programme, the Government will provide to SMEs technical assistance and grants alongside loans from commercial banks which should receive credit lines from EBRD. For this purposes, the Government expects to utilise approximately EUR 200 million earmarked for sustainable energy initiatives under the Operational Programme “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013”.

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