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Romanian government falls after no-confidence vote

RomaniaPosted by Chambers of Commerce Sweden - Southeast Europe Tue, October 13, 2009 21:22:22

News flash from Business New Europe:

The Romanian govt. of PM Emil Boc, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party that also supports incumbent President Traian Basescu was ousted in a 258-176 no-confidence vote called by the National Liberal Party and the Hungarian Democratic Union and also supported by the larger Social Democratic Party. The latter party was part of a loose governing coalition until Oct. 1, but pulled out from the government after PM Boc fired Interior Minister Dan Nica, of the Social Democrats.

The firing of Boc's cabinet, the first such obtained by means of a no-confidence vote in 20 years, adds a political crisis on top of the economic one that has already hit Romania earlier this year. Romania will be governed by Boc's cabinet until President Traian Basescu nominates a new prime minister, who will have to form a new cabinet. Opposition parties want an independent to head a cabinet of "technocrats" until after presidential elections scheduled Nov. 22, with a runoff ecpected Dec. 6.

The problem EU-member Romania faces is that it will have an unstable and fragile government during one of the most difficult periods in its economy, at a time when the country needs a firm cabinet to safeguard its interests and the pledges it made to the EU and IMF.

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