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The first Constitution to be written on Ipad

HungaryPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Wed, April 06, 2011 13:13:23

We hear about a new way of using the Ipad and other pads every day. But this is a first. Hungary´s Jozef Szajer (in the picture) leading party´s lawmaker in the European parliament, is now using the device to draft Hungary´s new constitution. “The best is I don’t have to wait for minutes to turn it on, like with a normal laptop. I can open it anywhere and can take advantage of every minute", says Szajer to Bloomberg news agency.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban set an April deadline to approve the constitution, so Mr Szajer sure need the speed of the Ipad.
The question is whether the opposition and other critics about the government´s nationalistic approach will be impressed of what´s coming out of the Ipad when Mr Szajer is ready with his work. In any case this will surely not be the last "Magna Charta" to be written on the new smart devices. "Constitution Assist Pro" - an app soon to come in a mobile near you.

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