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The SEE Region – A Gem for Outsourcing

OutsourcingPosted by Uvner Business Consulting Wed, November 13, 2013 20:52:20
The SEE region has become an incredibly successful outsourcing destination given the fact that it offers lower costs and yet quality of service unparalleled by any of the other countries (India, The Philippines, China etc.) known as outsourcing hubs. Another thing is the qualified workforce that has both the IT skills and the language proficiencies needed for delivering an exceptional service with superior quality. Many countries in CEE have already established themselves as quite mature markets for the outsourcing industry.
The economy of the region would definitely benefit, if the governments focused on outsourcing as a development strategy and make it a priority for their cabinets. The many different types of outsourcing are widely applicable in the countries from the SEE region, making the region a best-shore and near-shore location for potential foreign investors.
Read the full article by Andrey Petrov of Hewlett Packard, Bulgaria here.

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Posted by Goran U. Sat, November 16, 2013 11:50:11

Fully agree Lars, The sourcing companies wherever they are must develop strategies to keep the customers and stay in business. There will always be Another supplier out there somewhere ready to grab the business at a lower price and more promises.
This is a good issue to raise at the outsource event on Thursday.

Posted by Lars Jakobsson Wed, November 13, 2013 21:27:06

One important aspect that Mr Petrov writes about is the one that relates to starting up new companies within the IT or any other sector. With larger companies outsourcing it brings also a business organisation know how that is very valuable. In SEE countries and companies don´t Always have legacy systems and organisations so new technology are many times implemented myúch faster there than in Western Europé.

For SEE I see many advantages with outsourcing but it must lead to expanding business Environment and innovation, and not only be seen as a cost cutting exercise. If and when labour COSTs will be mor even, why should the business stay? Or maybe move to Another country with even lower Labour costs. SEE countries must develop own business and also move to higher salaries than can stimulate investments and consumption- so profits not only moves back to HQs.