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Macedonia's tourist potential

MacedoniaPosted by KR Hellqvist Consulting Sun, November 15, 2015 19:52:06

Macedonia’s foreign tourist arrivals rise 23% y/y in September

November 12, 2015, 4:28pm GMT

The number of foreign tourists visiting Macedonia increased 22.9% y/y to 60,461 in September, accelerating from a 20.8% y/y growth in August, data from the statistics office showed. Most tourists came from Turkey (11,660), the Netherlands (6,096), Serbia (4,744), and Poland (2,957).

The number of foreign tourist overnights grew 24.3% y/y to 131,864 in September, and stays of domestic tourists increased 3.8% y/y to 52,398. The total number of overnights thus rose 17.7% y/y to 184,262.

In January-September, the total number of tourists climbed 11.2% y/y to 672,286, and their overnight stays went up 9.1% y/y to 2.08mn. The number of foreign tourists rose 15.4% y/y to 396,371, and their overnights grew 13.4% y/y to 860,057.

Source: Bne Intellinews

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Posted by Unus Multorum Sun, November 15, 2015 20:07:20

Intersting figures. Looks as Macedonia is becoming more and more of a tourist country.